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(Statements last updated October 6, 2018 04:02 PM -04:00.)

October 5: I'm voting for confirmation because of the evidence and Judge Kavanaugh's qualifications. After spending more than 150 hours doing my homework, I completed my reading of the FBI's seventh background investigation this morning. This broken and politicized process has further undermined public trust. Washington embarrassed itself for the last month, but it is clear that most Americans are yearning for more than tribal blood feuds. (Twitter)

October 3: “I’m here to talk about the false choice that is being repeated hour after hour after hour on television that this confirmation vote about one vacant seat on the Supreme Court, in that vote we are somehow going to be making a giant binary choice about the much broader issue of whether we do or do not care about women. That is simply not true,” he said...“I urged the president to nominate a woman,” he said. “Part of my argument then was that the very important #MeToo movement was also very new and that this Senate is not at all well prepared to handle allegations of sexual harassment and assault that might have come forward.” (Talking Points Memo)

September 28: Dr. Ford’s family and Judge Kavanaugh’s family are both getting death threats today for one reason: because this process was intentionally turned into a made-for-TV circus by people who care more about politics than they care about either of these families. These serious allegations could – and should – have been investigated back in July through the confidential vetting process that the Judiciary Committee has had for decades. But instead of working through that process, which could have helped restore some public trust, Senator Feinstein hid these allegations from the Judiciary Committee and from the FBI, got Dr. Ford a hyper-political lawyer, and then played this at the most politically destructive moment, after the FBI background investigation had already been concluded. Today, the Senate Judiciary Committee requested that the FBI do a supplemental background investigation. The FBI will report back to us next week – and that report will be carefully considered by the Senate, rather than merely by the badly damaged Judiciary Committee. I'm absolutely heartbroken for both Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh. The Senate did not serve either of them well, nor has it served the American people well through this process. (

July 12: The judge I met today doesn't sound anything like the imaginary bogeyman that Democrats are railing against. I think Nebraskans are going to like this humble judge who is clearly most proud of his two daughters. Judge Kavanaugh is a serious thinker and a careful jurist who understands that our system of checks and balances and our First Amendment freedoms make America great. (The Lincoln Journal Star)

July 9: Brett Kavanaugh is a serious jurist known for careful deliberation. This doesn’t matter to many on the left. Sadly, the #Resistance is going to try to bork him by portraying him as a cross between Lex Luthor and Darth Vader. This isn’t the apocalypse – this is an opportunity to thoroughly review Kavanaugh’s record, debate this seriously, and celebrate our system of checks, balances, and limited government. (


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