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(Statements last updated September 24, 2018 10:54 PM -04:00.)

September 18: Sen. Bill Cassidy, R-Louisiana, told The Advocate on Tuesday that he’ll be watching as the Judiciary Committee tries to sort out the accusations. Cassidy said he hoped additional evidence or witnesses might be able to settle the truth beyond what he called a “he said, she said" situation. “The committee needs to evaluate it and I think they’re going through that process,” Cassidy said. “Let’s let it play.” (The Advocate)

September 7: Fellow Louisiana GOP Sen. Bill Cassidy also came out in support of Kavanaugh after the hearings wrapped up Friday. "Judge Kavanaugh’s qualifications are impeccable and he passed the hearing process with flying colors," Cassidy said, "so I will vote for him without reservation, absolutely.” (The Advocate)

July 25: I appreciate Judge Kavanaugh coming by. We talked about his views on the role of the judiciary, original intent, the importance of interpreting the Constitution as written, separate from personal views. Judge Kavanaugh is clearly well qualified—respected by Republicans and Democrats in the legal community. I’m looking forward to the Senate confirmation process this fall and I anticipate that Judge Kavanaugh will be confirmed. (

July 9: Judge Kavanaugh—solid pick. President Trump kept his promise, nominating a conservative faithful to the Constitution as written, recognized as having an excellent legal mind. We the Senate have the responsibility to examine his experience and temperament. I’ll meet with him, others will too, we’ll review his record, then vote on his confirmation. But based on his resume, his reputation, I suspect he’ll be confirmed. (


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