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September 19: While I am also uncomfortable about his view on Presidential power as it relates to the rule of law, and his position that corporations are people, it is his allegiance to the position that unlimited donations and dark anonymous money, from even foreign interests, should be allowed to swamp the voices of individuals that has been the determining factor in my decision to vote no on his nomination. (Twitter)

August 24: “I’m going to wait until his hearing and watch him be cross-examined about his record. But I am — I feel like I’m back in law school, I’m reading so many opinions,“ the Missouri Democrat told a group of roughly 50 supporters gathered at a local Teamsters hall. “But I have not made a decision yet. I probably won’t until after the hearings.”...Asked if she was satisfied after the meeting, McCaskill said. “I don’t know how to characterize satisfied. I don’t think that’s a characterization I would make. I still have a lot more information I need to get.” (Roll Call)

August 21: I welcomed the opportunity to talk with Judge Kavanaugh about his views on ensuring Missourians retain criticalhealthcare protections, removing dark money from politics, and guaranteeing powerful corporate interests don’t prevail over individual Americans—and look forward to hearing more about how he approaches these issues during his upcoming confirmation hearing. (

August 8: The two-term Missouri Democrat said she had three topics of discussion for her meeting with Judge Brett Kavanaugh, set for Tuesday: money in politics, consumer protections in health care, and business consolidation. “I want to make sure Judge Kavanaugh has a feel for the little guy who is taking on Goliath.” As a senator in a state President Trump won by 19 points, Ms. McCaskill summed up her vote on his nomination as “damned if you do and damned if you don’t.”...“I believe no one should make a decision on any Supreme Court nominee without taking the time to read the decisions, study the issues and meeting with the nominee,” she said. “I disagree with my colleagues who just immediately out of the gate said no.” (The Wall Street Journal)

July 9: I look forward to thoroughly examining Judge Kavanaugh’s record in the coming weeks as the Senate considers his nomination to replace Justice Kennedy. (


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