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(Statements last updated October 6, 2018 04:02 PM -04:00.)

September 27: Like many other Oklahomans, I watched the Supreme Court nomination hearing of Judge Kavanaugh today to hear the accusation by Dr. Ford and the complete and unequivocal denial of the accusation by Judge Kavanaugh. Dr. Ford deserved to be heard and her allegations taken seriously. But, Judge Kavanaugh also deserved the right to be heard. It was apparent that Dr. Ford experienced a terrible sexual assault as a youth, but there is no evidence that Judge Kavanaugh was the person who assaulted her. All of the witnesses named by Dr. Ford stated they did not remember any party or assault as Dr. Ford described and Judge Kavanaugh, under oath, denied attending this party. Sixty-five people who knew Brett Kavanaugh during high school stated they never saw any behavior like what has been described. Six previous FBI background checks have been carried out over Judge Kavanaugh’s career; none of them have found any accusation of sexual assault or any inappropriate sexual relationship. After a long and painful day of testimony, my opinion of Judge Kavanaugh has not changed. I will vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh when he is referred from the Senate Judiciary Committee. (senate.gov)

July 9: Judge Brett Kavanaugh is an impressive and qualified nominee to be considered for the Supreme Court and it is vitally important that he receives a fair impartial nomination process in the Senate. In the weeks and months ahead, I look forward to meeting Judge Kavanaugh and evaluating his judicial philosophy. The Supreme Court has an obligation to protect the Constitution and to stand for the rule of law. A jurist who acts within the bounds of the Constitution and interprets the law as written protects the rights of all Americans to live in liberty. (senate.gov)


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