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(Statements last updated October 6, 2018 04:02 PM -04:00.)

October 4: Judge Kavanaugh is an outstanding legal mind with an impressive judicial record and would make an outstanding addition to the Supreme Court. The political circus must end, and I urge my colleagues in the US Senate to confirm him. (Twitter)

October 2: It's time to vote to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court of the United States. Proud to be one of 16 Senators needed to sign the cloture motion to end debate and move to vote on the Kavanaugh nomination. (Twitter)

September 18: “Senator Barrasso believes Dr. Ford should be given a fair and dignified opportunity to testify about a very serious allegation,” a spokesperson said. “Because Democrats chose to withhold this account throughout the nomination and until after public hearings concluded, Kavanaugh deserves the same opportunity to respond. He supports the Senate Judiciary Committee’s decision to consider the allegation prior to a vote.” Barrasso’s office did not add whether he had changed his mind on a commitment to vote for Kavanaugh, a pledge he made after endorsing him Aug. 2. (Note: We have not yet confirmed the exact date of these comments, but they appear to have taken place on or around 9/18/2018.) (Casper Star Tribune)

September 12: It is clear that Judge Kavanaugh has the right approach to being a judge. It is clear that he is a person of solid character – and that he has a strong intellect. It is clear that America needs Judge Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court – and that it’s time for Democrats to give up this pointless obstruction. (

August 2: After meeting with Judge Kavanaugh and closely examining his judicial record, I plan to vote for his confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court. It’s clear Judge Kavanaugh is a mainstream and highly qualified nominee for our highest court. In the conversations I have had with him, he expressed clearly that he understands that his job is to apply the law, not write the law. Judge Kavanaugh has distinguished himself as a careful, independent, and intelligent judge. I look forward to confirming him to the U.S. Supreme Court this fall. (

July 25: I had a great opportunity to meet with Judge Kavanaugh. He was terrific. We talked about the separation of powers, the three branches of government and the role of a justice, which is to apply the law, not to try and rewrite the law. We talked about his time as a clerk on the court and his knowledge and understanding of the issues that face our country and what happens when the government tries to overreach. It was a very productive visit, I’m very impressed and I’m looking forward to the hearings in the Senate. (

July 9: The job of any judge – and certainly any Supreme Court justice – is to apply the law, not rewrite it. Judge Kavanaugh has the intellect, character and temperament to be an outstanding justice of the Supreme Court. I look forward to meeting him, following the confirmation hearings and learning more about his past decisions. (


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