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(Statements last updated October 6, 2018 04:02 PM -04:00.)

October 4: Based on what we know so far, my opinion has not changed: it is time to vote and #ConfirmKavanaugh. I have received the supplemental briefing on the FBI’s newest report, along with their previous six reports. They reviewed reports from 10 different witnesses. Nothing new was discovered and still no collaborating evidence. There is time scheduled for us to privately review the report ourselves later today. (Twitter)

July 13: During his career, he has issued more than 300 opinions, so part of our job in the Senate will be to review them so we can learn more about his decision-making philosophy. The Supreme Court has endorsed Kavanaugh’s opinions more than a dozen times. In some cases, the Supreme Court upheld a D.C. Circuit Court opinion, which he joined, and in other cases, they used his dissenting opinions to overturn D.C. Circuit Court opinion...Some of our Democrat colleagues have demanded that nominees reveal how they would vote in a particular case based on the policy outcome. We believe this is inappropriate. Judges – particularly Supreme Court Justices who have the final say in the law – must be able and willing to put their personal beliefs aside and apply the law as it was written, not as he or she would like it to be. The Constitution clearly laid out that the role of the Supreme Court is to fairly interpret the law that Congress creates. Period. The judiciary must not be politicized. Confirming fair, impartial judges who will adhere to the Constitution is one of our greatest responsibilities in the Senate, and one which I take very seriously. I look forward to a thorough and rigorous confirmation process as we consider the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh. (senate.gov)

July 12: It wasn't even so much what he said: it was how he said it -- and the sincerity, the ability to project his sense of humanity, his strong focus on his role as a judge to actually interpret, rather than create, law. It was what a lot of us as conservatives really wanted to hear...and I think as people come forward, and they start looking at it, I would suspect that, if Republicans say they're supportive, I would imagine there are a number of Democrats who would also probably join in...I think a number of them will probably step forward and recognize also that this guy really is an excellent choice for the U.S. Supreme Court. (WNAX.com)

July 9: Appreciated the opportunity to join @POTUS at the White House for the announcement that he has nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh to serve as an Associate Justice to the Supreme Court. Now, the Senate has a constitutional role of ‘advice and consent.’ I take this responsibility very seriously. Confirming conservative, fair-minded judges who will adhere to the Constitution is one of the most important responsibilities of the United States Senate. I look forward to a thorough and rigorous confirmation process. (Twitter)


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