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September 23: “How the Senate handles this and the Senate Republicans handle this will be a test of this time, of 2018, in the #MeToo movement,” Senator Patty Murray, Democrat of Washington, said on “Meet the Press.” Ms. Murray, who was elected in 1992 after Senate hearings on Anita F. Hill’s sexual harassment allegations against Clarence Thomas, then a nominee for the Supreme Court, said the question for the Senate this week was: “Can we do better?” (The New York Times)

September 20: Dr. Ford—who is in hiding & facing death threats—has spoken clearly, and she should be believed. There is no reason for Republicans to attack her for reasonably requesting a basic level of fair treatment & human decency. This hearing should be delayed. (Twitter)

September 16: Senator Patty Murray, Democrat of Washington, went one step further, invoking Anita Hill, who came forward during Justice Clarence Thomas’s 1991 confirmation hearings to accuse him of sexual harassment. “I was motivated to run for the Senate after watching the truly awful way Anita Hill was treated by an all-male Judiciary Committee interrogating her about the sexual harassment she endured at the hands of now-Justice Clarence Thomas,” Ms. Murray said in a statement, adding that the hearings must be delayed. (The New York Times)

July 21: I voted against Judge Kavanaugh when he was nominated as a federal judge by George W. Bush, and I strongly oppose his nomination now. I'm calling on all of my Senate colleagues to join me in rejecting him -- but it will take the American people standing together and making our voices heard to win this fight. (Democratic Party fundraising email)

July 9: President Trump, more than any President I’ve seen, has been explicit about what he expects from a nominee—and based on everything I know about Judge Kavanaugh, he is exactly what President Trump is looking for. So, I oppose this nomination. (Twitter)


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