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(Statements last updated October 6, 2018 04:02 PM -04:00.)

September 2: “Brett Kavanaugh, an extraordinary judge. A long record – 12 years on the D.C. Circuit Court bench. Over 300 decisions. The Democrats have more than enough information to understand that this is a highly qualified jurist that should be the next Supreme Court justice.” (

August 15: Judge Kavanaugh’s impressive legal background combined with his compelling personal history makes his nomination an easy one to support. Most importantly, as I have reviewed his judicial record I am confident of his intent to apply the law as a judge, not alter it as a super-legislator. I look forward to voting to confirm his nomination to the Supreme Court once the Senate has thoroughly but expeditiously completed the confirmation process. (

July 9: A Supreme Court justice ought to be a judge, not a superlegislator – applying the Constitution as written, not altering it to reach a result. President Trump nominated a person who fit that description in Justice Neil Gorsuch last year, and to my understanding Judge Brett Kavanaugh fits it as well. I look forward to meeting with Judge Kavanaugh and the Senate moving expeditiously through the confirmation process. (


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