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(Statements last updated October 6, 2018 04:02 PM -04:00.)

October 3: On the Senate floor earlier today, I reiterated my support for Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation to serve on the Supreme Court. (Twitter)

September 17: “These are serious allegations that need to be looked at closely by the committee before any other action is taken,” Blunt told the Post-Dispatch in a statement issued by his office. (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

September 7: "Justice Kavanaugh I think will be Justice Kavanaugh - Judge Kavanaugh. Three hundred opinions, 13 of them almost in total accepted by the Supreme Court - there's a real record there, more than you normally have. And frankly, I think he came through the week in a way that's going to guarantee that he has a bipartisan vote and I think will be on the court before the court starts this year's business the first Monday in October." (Note: We have not yet confirmed the exact date of these comments, but they appear to have taken place on or around 9/7/2018.) (NPR)

July 31: Judge Kavanaugh and I had a good discussion about his judicial philosophy and how it would guide his decision-making process on the Supreme Court. Based on our conversation, along with his outstanding judicial record and legal background, I believe Judge Kavanaugh is the right choice to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court. I look forward to supporting his nomination as the confirmation process moves forward. (

July 11: The goal of a judge, in my mind, and I think in the mind of a vast majority of the people I work for, is to judge a case based on, in the case of a federal judge, a Supreme Court judge, the law and the Constitution. To look and be sure those match up and to be sure that the law is applied as it's written, not as a judge thinks it should have been written… and it seems to me that in the Scalia tradition, the Gorsuch nomination tradition, we have a judge here who appears to be committed in every way to look at the law and enforce the law. (

July 9: Judge Kavanaugh is a highly qualified nominee with an outstanding legal background. I look forward to learning more about his judicial record and talking with him about his judicial philosophy as the confirmation process moves forward. (Twitter)


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