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August 24: Today, U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) said he cannot support Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh because Kavanaugh would threaten the rights of Ohioans. Brown came to his decision after carefully reviewing Kavanaugh’s record and meeting with the nominee face-to-face. “After thoroughly reviewing his record, meeting with him face-to-face, and listening to Ohioans, I am convinced Judge Kavanaugh would side with special interests over working people and threaten the rights of Ohioans,” Brown said. “Special interests already have armies of lobbyists and lawyers on their side. Working people need Justices who will put their rights first, not Justices who will side with insurance companies over cancer survivors, financial scammers over customers, or massive corporations over American workers.” (

July 9: I'm already very troubled by the Supreme Court's recent decisions stripping rights from Ohioans, and I have serious concerns about some of Judge Kavanaugh's rulings against women's rights and consumer rights. I plan to review Judge Kavanaugh's record thoroughly and ask him tough questions face-to-face before I make my decision. I will not support any Justice who would take rights away from Ohioans. -SB (Twitter)


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