Tammy Baldwin (D - WI) Definitely No 2018 election seat



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3 Statements
(Statements last updated October 6, 2018 04:02 PM -04:00.)

July 14: "If you hope that the Supreme Court is going to overturn Citizens United anytime soon, don't hold your breath," she said. "I'm voting no," she declared of the Kavanaugh nomination, "and I'm going to need your help in this fight." (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

July 12: The people of Wisconsin need a fair, impartial and independent Supreme Court Justice who will stand up for them, not for powerful special interests. I don’t have confidence that Judge Kavanaugh would be that justice. (Facebook)

July 9: People need an independent justice who will not overturn the law of the land on women’s health, health care for people with pre-existing conditions, and the constitutional rights and freedoms of all Americans. The stakes are very high for the American people and these are the things that I will be looking for as I review the nomination. (senate.gov)


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